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Mic Righteous  “Interesting”  Lyrics

If you a rapper, you rap

Don’t start no lyrical war with Mic (Why?)
I aim to ruin lives
You see what I did in a day, now see what I do in five
Coming at Mic’s like suicide, no one’s helping you in this fight
Man bag on your hip, how many L’s can you fit inside?
Fucking hell, I’m watching butter melt
You’re nothing but a melt
How you gonna cut me up? I’ve cut myself
There’s nothing you ain’t done I ain’t done myself
I mean done myself prick
I’ve got my own style, you’ve got someone elses
You’re looking like a real fake MC, someone help him
Oh no, you stole your swag, your whole flow
Whole wardrobe, clothes you don’t own
Who he tryna be, truthfully, I don’t know
Whole load of rappers catting that old shit
Back from ’06, don’t promote it
Coke, I don’t sniff, [?] go Skitz
It’s only paying homage if you’ve got your own shit
Uh, but you don’t wear your own garms
Yeah you’re so hard, where’s your cold heart?
You won’t last this, you’ve got no chance
Head so far up your own ass




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