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Lady Gaga – “Frankensteined”  Lyrics 2017

[Verse 1]
I woke up chained inside a vacant little room
Felt like a prisoner of his discretion
I couldn’t breathe my lungs were captured by the fumes
My mind was in the arms of his possession

Turned off the lights but my aura was bright
Breathed in all the chemicals reborn again
I made my escape broke the windows of fate
No longer an animal take my hand and

Call me Mother Monster I will be your guide
Send me into the night,night,night
Blame it on the doctor
He went and took a bite of my heart but it brought me to life life,life
Sh-sh-shocked the system twisted every rhythm
Now I’m living the crime,crime,crime
Call me Mother Monster I am not a bride
Just the product of his design




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