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Ekstra  ” Thirsty Hoe”  Lyrics 2017

Walk in the trap (trapp trapp)
Them bitches know where im at (they what)
Hop in in the cat (brr bah)
Them bitches look like a snack
Got it, them bitches know where i started (Milli, what)
Raw flex (flex), Them bitches hoe when i walk in (bow)
Kill em in the bando (BANDO)
Sending in the pave flow oh yeah (oh yea)
Chiefs in a lambo, Busting like im rambo (oh yea)
Beat it up like its a bag (bag)
Bottoms no they never sag (they sag)
Bitch i walk in with the swag (Bitch)
Popping that top let it bang (bang)
Busting, I’m busting, I’m Busting, I’m Busting, I’m Busting it down
Walk with a crown
Lyrically i am the greatest cause you bitches letting me down
Oh never never stop it
When i be writing these lyrics i drop it (Drop)
Look at the cockpit (what)
Flying the plane to the top of the rocket (paa)
Hollup Hollup Hollup Hollup Hollup Hollup (wait)
You said you wanted the cream just not a dollop (not just a what)
You said you wanted the D not just a colla (what, Bow)
These bitches be fucking with me whenever i roll up (boo boo boo boo)

You a thirsty hoe (ey what)
You a thirsty bitch (a what)
You a thirsty hoe (hoe)
You a thirsty bitch (Bow, brr)
You a Thirsy hoe (bow)
You a Thirsty bitch (pew)
You a Thirsy hoe (woah, smash)
You a Thirsty bitch (woah, woah)

Walking it back
Walking get hit with the mac
Usering Sack
Never get brain in the lab
21 stab fuck and I call her a cab (a cab, boo)
Fucking in louis vuitton (what)
Then i be dropping a bomb (Boooh)
I ain’t creating no bond (creation)
Wiggins im reppin that vaughn (Wiggins)




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